Welcome to Film Studio Japan.

Purchasing is available directly on this site via paypal and credit card for those living in the US and Canada and for those living in Japan. For all other nations please contact me directly art@filmstudiojapan.com with the a list of items and framing options you are interested in and your address, so I can calculate the total including shipping to your country.

For customers in Japan I print locally using Fujifilm services. I am currently building the product lists based on Fujifilm’s catalogs, as well as local framing options as I source them. If you need a print immediately, please contact me directly

. 日本語でのコミュニケーションは大丈夫です。

Too all customers, because most of my new work is using a Fujifilm medium format system, with a 4:3 aspect ratio, there are only a handful of print options that adhere to this exact ratio. For example in unframed prints the options are only 9×12 and 30×40. Because of the wide difference in both size and cost between these sizes I have carefully chosen as many options as possible where the crop will be minimal. Once you place an item in your cart, please go to view cart, and you will see a red border depicting the cropped area of the image. Additionally, to the right of the image under the photo description there is an “edit crop” option. Clicking on this will allow you to recenter the cropped area as you please. If you are unsatisfied with the cropped image or feel the image is mismatched to an available dimension, please contact me directly, and I will do my best to correct the issue, and if possible create a custom option that best suits you.

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